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Hotels & Homestays in Ha Giang City

4-Star Hotel

  • Yen Bien Luxury Hotel: Located in the center of Ha Giang city. Great location, nice rooms, swimming pool, and good breakfast.

3-Star Hotels

  • Phoenix Hotel
  • Silk River Hotel
  • Cao Nguyen Hotel

Hostels: Prices range from 200,000 to 400,000d per room. Options include Long Hotel, Kiki House Hostel, and Ha Giang Hostel, rated as the best hostels in Ha Giang City. They offer nice staff and a great atmosphere.

Alternative Accommodation: Ha Giang City might not be the most atmospheric town to stay. Alternatively, you could stay just outside the city in a local minority village. Ha Giang Eco Stone House offers accommodation at 100,000d per person. Rated as the best homestay in Ha Giang, it offers a nice atmosphere and staff. However, it’s located about 3 kilometers from the city center.

Hotels & Homestays in Yen Minh

  • Homestay BongBang: Best place to stay in Yen Minh. Great soft beds, good atmosphere with family dinner, and campfire at night. Staff speaks English.
  • Hà Anh Homestay: Offers a nice family dinner and a good social vibe. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Hotels & Homestays in Dong Van

  • 3-Star Hotel: Hoa Cuong Hotel is the only hotel in Dong Van that meets 3-star standards. Great location, nice staff, and buffet breakfast.
  • 2-Star (1 Star) Hotels: Lam Tung Hotel offers decent rooms in the center of town. Hoang Ngoc Hotel is one of the better hotels in Dong Van, with clean and tidy rooms located close to restaurants.

Homestays: The best choice for the Loop includes:

  • Dong Van Eco Stone House: Prices range from 900,000 to 1,500,000d per room. Offers high-quality services, clean rooms, nice staff, and a great location.
  • Ha Giang Holic: Prices range from 500,000 to 800,000d per room. Offers clean rooms but poor staff and a distant location.
  • Nha Co Homestay: Prices range from 200,000 to 400,000d per person.

Hotels & Homestays in Meo Vac

  • Chung Pua homestay (Auberge De Meo Vac) is the most worthwhile homestay for guests looking to experience the cultural ambiance of a 100-year-old Mong house.
  • Little Yen’s Homestay: It’s one of the highest-rated homestays at Meo Vac. The staff speaks good English, and there’s a fantastic atmosphere. Staff speaks good English, and there’s a great atmosphere.
  • Meo Vac Valley Homestay: Offers nice rooms and a great atmosphere, although the breakfast is poor.

Hotels & Homestays in Du Gia

  • Du Gia Homestay: Offers a great atmosphere and perfect location with great views. Dorm rooms are basic, and bathrooms look nice. Family dinner is highly recommended.
  • Du Gia Panorama Homestay: Considered the best accommodation in the village. Offers nice, clean rooms, and staff with good English. Family dinner is highly recommended.
  • Tom’s Homestay: Offers a swimming pool. The dinner is delicious.

Eating & Restaurants

Restaurants in Ha Giang are very local. Don’t expect anything fancy, and there isn’t many western food served anywhere. Typically, both breakfast and dinner are enjoyed at your homestay. Breakfast often includes noodles or bread (banh mi). Dinner at homestays is shared with the family and other guests, providing a great local experience where you’ll likely be invited to drink local rice wine (happy water).

Lunch can be obtained at local restaurants along the road. Plan wisely, as some parts have no nearby restaurants, just mountains and countryside.

In Ha Giang, Top of the loop restaurant is the best choice for western food.

In Dong Van, Roma Italian restaurant is the best choice for western food, great location and food is delicious.

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