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6 Questions about travelling Ha Giang loop during the Vietnamese New Year

1. Understanding the Vietnamese New Year (Tet)

Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, holds immense cultural significance, typically falling in late January or early February based on the Lunar calendar. Unlike Western New Year celebrations, Tet is deeply rooted in traditions, symbolizing renewal, prosperity, and familial ties.

2. Experience and Etiquette during Tet

The first day of Tet sets the tone for the entire year, marked by joyful greetings and expressions of good fortune. Family reunions, often the only one for the year, are central to the holiday. An influx of travelers from urban areas to rural homes is common, resulting in crowded transportation networks.

3. Transportation During Tet

Traveling during Tet requires careful planning due to increased demand and limited transport availability. Public buses cease operations during peak Tet days, and booking cancellations are common. Private car hire remains an option, albeit at a higher cost.

4. Bike Rentals with HA GIANG EXPEDITIONS During Tet

While guided tours are suspended during Tet, HA GIANG EXPEDITIONS continues to offer self-guided bike rentals throughout the holiday period.

5. Availability of Services and Accommodation

Many businesses, including shops and restaurants, close during Tet, particularly in rural areas. However, essential services like hospitals and petrol stations remain operational. Accommodation options, especially family-run homestays, provide an authentic Tet experience and are readily available.

6. Pricing and Etiquette During Tet

Price hikes are uncommon during Tet, especially in rural areas like Ha Giang and Cao Bang. Vietnamese hospitality dictates fair pricing, and haggling is generally discouraged, especially during this auspicious time.

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